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  • Bastiaensens Sara, Vandebosch Heidi, Poels Karolien, Van Cleemput Katrien, DeSmet Ann, De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse. Cyberbullying on social network sites : an experimental study into bystanders’ behavioral intentions to help the victim or reinforce the bully. Computers in human behavior-issn 0747-5632-310747-5632-31(2014),p. 259-271.
  • DeSmet Ann, Veldeman Charlene, Poels Karolien, Bastiaensens Sara, Van Cleemput Katrien, Vandebosch Heidi, De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse. Determinants of self-reported bystander behavior in cyberbullying incidents amongst adolescents. Cyberpsychology, behavior, and social networking-issn 2152-2715-(2013),p. 1-9
  • DeSmet Ann, Deforche Benedicte, Hublet Anne, Tanghe Ann, Stremersch Evi, De Bourdeaudhuij Ilse. Traditional and cyberbullying victimization as correlates of psychosocial distress and barriers to a healthy lifestyle among severely obese adolescents – a matched case –  control study on prevalence and results from a cross-sectional study. BMC Public Health. (2014), 14:224
  • Van Cleemput, K., Vandebosch, H., & Pabian, S. (2014). Personal characteristics and contextual factors that determine “helping,” “joining in,” and “doing nothing” when witnessing cyberbullying: Bystander Behavior in Cyberbullying. Aggressive Behavior40(5), 383–396. doi:10.1002/ab.21534
  • DeSmet, A., Van Ryckeghem, D., Compernolle, S., Baranowski, T., Thompson, D., Crombez, G., … De Bourdeaudhuij, I. (2014). A meta-analysis of serious digital games for healthy lifestyle promotion. Preventive Medicine69, 95–107. doi:10.1016/j.ypmed.2014.08.026